Unknown Wisconsin Hero Saves Kids & Dogs From Burning Home Then Runs Off

man runing / rescue wiith child from fire

Photo: Getty Images

A real-life superhero rescued a family from a burning home in Wisconsin and then ran off after his heroic efforts.

According to TMJ 4, Quaesheba Knight, a resident in the home, was away from the house at the time of the fire. She said she was talking to her daughter on the phone when her daughter told her, "mom I smell something burning."

When the kids and dogs tried to escape the fire, they were unable to get out. Luckily, a good samaritan came in to save the day. "Out of nowhere, some guy saw the kids trying to get out with the dogs," Knight told TMJ 4. "He forced his entrance in, got the kids out, then the dogs, gave me a hug and ran off down the street."

The odd part about this incident is, Knight and her neighbors have no idea who the heroic man is.

Knight is hoping to find the man who rescued the kids and their animals to say thank you. "I just want to tell him thank you. I mean, 'cause he put his life in danger for me and my kids. He doesn't even know me," Knight noted.

Knight also added that before the man left, he told her that rescuing the family "was a natural instinct."

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