Wisconsin Deer Ready To Trick Or Treat, Gets Head Stuck In Jack-O’-Lantern

Photo: Getty Images

A deer in Wisconsin got a little too into the holiday spirit after it accidentally got its head stuck inside of a plastic jack-o-lantern.

Plenty of residents in the Minocqua area spotted the deer and said the plastic green pail was stuck on his head for about a week, the Wausau Daily Herold reported.

"It was so sad because the face of the pumpkin on the bucket was right where her face would be. So it was like this sick joke almost," Arbor Vitae resident Tamee Redifer told the Wausau Daily Herold.

Redifer said she saw the deer on September 18, but sighting reports of the deer began on September 16. She added that the deer seemed to be acting hungry but couldn't eat because the pail was around his mouth.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office, Minocqua Police Department, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources all worked together to try and free the deer. On Friday, September 24, Redifer's son said that he found the plastic green jack-o-lantern in the woods. The handle was pulled off and the pail had deer hair inside of it.

The Wisconsin Oneida County Sheriff's Office posted a photo of the deer and updated their post with the good news.

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