Substitute Teacher Charged With Public Indecency For Lewd Act During Class

Tracey Abraham

A substitute teacher in Ohio was arrested after allegedly masturbating behind his desk while students were in the classroom. Tracey Abraham was filling in at Creekside Middle School when students noticed "suspicious behavior by the substitute" just after 10:30 in the morning. The students told administrators, and a school resource officer immediately removed him from the classroom. 

Abraham was taken into custody and charged with public indecency. 

School officials issued a statement saying that Abraham "will not be returning to our schools." They explained that they do not believe he made physical contact with the students and that students were not exposed to nudity during the incident. 

A parent spoke with WLWT and said that while her daughter was not in Abraham's class at the time, the thought that she could have been was disgusting. 

"Pure disgust. Knowing that my daughter had been in class with him prior to when this happened and thinking about, 'What if it would have happened while she was in his classroom?' It made me sick to my stomach," Kristina Fishwick said.

Photo: Fairfield Police


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