Blake Shelton Fell On Stage, Laughs About It On Social Media

Only Blake Shelton would fall on stage, and then immediately head to social media and ask fans to post a video about it. That's exactly what happened on Sunday night during a show in Oregon at the Pendelton Whisky Music Festival.

In the video posted online, Blake is seen teasing one of his band members to play a solo, and then taking a step back to give them the stage, but as he's backing up, he goes a little too far and runs into the stage riser. The following moments include Blake hitting the ground, and when he gets up he's seen laughing extremely hard about incident.

After the show Blake went on twitter and posted, "Ok Pendleton I know somebody is bound to have video of me falling on stage last night!! Please!! I have to see it!!! Post that s**t! And yes I had been drinking. A lot.."

Fan's did exactly as he wished, they posted the video. Watch the full moment happen below.


Photo: Getty Images


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