Need one of these to protect your tree from kids and pets?

Last year it seemed that UPSIDE-DOWN Christmas trees (ones you hang from the ceiling) went viral.  People liked them because they kept pets and toddlers from attacking Christmas trees.  Plus they looked super weird, so that's cool for social-media.


Well this year, there's a NEW super weird-looking solution in the battle to keep Christmas trees safe...HALF Christmas trees. 

It's an artificial tree that's only got branches on top . . . the bottom is just a narrow pole on a stand. Unfortunately, we could only find them on sale in the U.K. . . . but we suppose you could make your own pretty easily by not installing the bottom branches on your artificial tree or with a machete on a real tree!

Our only question is: are half-trees half the price of full ones??? 

Dave Murphy

Dave Murphy

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