Bride Asking The Internet To Plan Her Entire Wedding

Jen Glantzhas been to hundreds of weddings and understands more about the process than a lot of us do because it’s her job. She’s been a professional bridesmaid for hire for the last five years and brides pay her to be in their wedding party, but when she got engaged, she felt like planning her own wedding and making all the decisions that requires would be too overwhelming. So she decided to let strangers handle all the details for her.

Glantz started getting unsolicited wedding advice as soon as she got engaged, so she came up with the idea of putting all the wedding planning in the hands of other people. She launched the websiteFinally the Bridewhere anyone can vote on every aspect of her wedding - from the size of her budget to the style of her dress.

The site poses multiple-choice questions like “Where should Jen go on her solo bachelorette party” and when voting closes, she adds follow-up questions based on the responses. So far, strangers on the Internet have decided she should only spend between $15,000 and $30,000 on the nuptials, that she can’t elope, and that it’s okay if she doesn’t have an open bar.

Lots of people have told the bride-to-be that she’s crazy for planning her wedding this way, but herfiancéis on board with her plan. Jen says the details aren’t what’s important “if the couple is getting married for the right reasons.”


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