Man's Rare Sleep Disorder Makes Him Act Out His Dreams

How would you like to sleep next to someone who can't tell if they're sleeping or actually living in a dream? That's what life is like for one Ohio woman and her husband who suffers from a rare sleep disorder. 

It's called REM behavioral sleep disorder and it allows people to act out on their dreams. His wife is a victim of sleep violence. Ron Whitehall and his wife J.P have been married for 41 years and it all started a few years ago when he began sleepwalking. It eventually grew into him acting out whatever he was dreaming, which often involves violence. 

For her safety, the couple ultimately decided to sleep in separate rooms. They eventually went to a sleep clinic and doctors were able to diagnose what was going on. They offered him treatment which, in Ron's case, comes in the form of a pill. The medication allows him to avoid falling into the REM sleep cycle. 

So far so good and he and his wife are back sleeping in the same bed. 

Source: FOX13

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