Best way to relieve stress! What is yours?


What’s your go-to method to relieve stress?Apparently, the answer to that is cleaning the house for some people. A new survey found that 26% said cleaning the house was their go-to method for dealing with stress. Exercise took the top spot, though, with 34% saying that’s how they relieved stress. Sex was the third go-to stress reducer – which, if you’re keeping score, was below cleaning the house. Mine is swimming, I have been swimming since I was 3! I just love that it's a full body workout and I am not listening to anything but my own breathing and the water.

Here are the Top 5 Stress Relievers:

  1. Exercise -- 34%
  2. Cleaning -- 27%
  3. Sex -- 17%
  4. Meditation --13%
  5. Reading -- 9% (Independent)

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