Two Wisconsin Breweries Are Hot Commodities Right Now In The U.S.

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Breweries are some of the best places to sit back, relax, and chit-chat with some friends while enjoying a fresh ale.

Each brewery has its own unique feel, but some are among the nation's hottest right now. Just in time for National Drink A Beer Day, Thrillist released a list of the hottest breweries around America and two of them are located right here in Wisconsin.

The list has a variety of breweries. They range from "old-school favorites making new waves to up-and-comers offering destination-worthy pours."

So, which two Wisconsin breweries are considered to be hot commodities in the states?

Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about Third Space Brewing:

"Third Space has built its reputation on solid ground: well-made, easy-drinking, flavorful beers. Quality is a huge focus for brewmaster Kevin Wright, a graduate of the prestigious University of California-Davis Master Brewing Program, and it's made consumers confident in Third Space's beers from day one. The brewery installed a five-barrel pilot system to produce an even greater range of beers for its taproom. As new equipment has meant the brewery can finally start to keep pace with demand, Third Space introduced new can designs, including International Intrigue double IPA; La Cocina dark Mexican lager; and Summer Home hoppy blonde ale."

Another hot brewery in Wisconsin is Untitled Art in Waunakee.

The report had some mouth-watering details about Untitled Art.

"Untitled Art colors outside the lines—in a way drinkers can't get enough of. Pushing the boundaries of flavors and beverage styles, fans can always expect the unexpected, whether it's a non-alcoholic Italian pilsner, an imperial strawberry shortcake-flavored smoothie seltzer, a new release in its line of Pixy Stix-inspired hard seltzers, or blackberry-flavored CBD sparkling water. Yes, the brewery makes beer, too, but expect it to also pack the food-focused flavors. Exhibit A: Black & Blue Chocolate Chip, an imperial stout with blackberry and blueberry puree, cocoa nibs, maple syrup, and milk sugar. When Untitled Art does release a more classic style—a West Coast IPA or 95-calorie light lager—it can similarly feel like a curveball in contrast to its more wild concoctions."

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