This Wisconsin Restaurant Has The Most Unique Dining Experience

Restaurant reserved table sign with places setting and wine glasses ready for a party

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A plain old dining experience just isn't cutting it anymore. Restaurant customers want something fun and exciting to make their dine-in visit more memorable.

Unusual and unique dining experiences are usually only found at a tropical island resort with a ridiculously long wait to get on the reservation list. Luckily, LoveFood sought out to find each state's most unusual dining experience and the results did not disappoint.

"The US has more than its fair share of quirky and unusual dining experiences. From a restaurant where diners can watch mermaids swim while eating, to spots inside old train carriages, here's our pick of the best."

So, where in Wisconsin can you find a unique dining experience?

SafeHouse in Milwaukee.

Here is what the report had to say about SafeHouse:

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dine at SafeHousein Milwaukee. This secret agent and spy-themed restaurant comes complete with pre-dinner scavenger hunts, hidden clues, sliding bookcases and spy cameras. You even need a password to enter. The inventive menu includes Mission Impossible Angus beef patties, Covert Chops and Classified Breakfasts and customers say the food is as good as the whole experience."

Click here to find the most unique dining experience in each state.

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