Recipes From Restaurants Across Wisconsin Featured In New Cookbook

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A new cookbook will feature a ton of different restaurants around Milwaukee and the proceeds will go back to those restaurants.

According to TMJ 4, over 40 Wisconsin restaurants are featured in The Wisconsin Restaurant Cookbook. The book has special recipes from chefs all around the state and the best part about the book is the money from every purchase goes back to the restaurant owners in the form of a grant.

The project was led by Roundy's, the parent company for Pick 'n Save and Metro Market stores.

"We always like to be a part of the community that we're in, not just in it," Jim Hyland, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs for Roundy's, said. "It's our way to help those who have helped us. So we put this cookbook together. It's a compilation of restaurants and recipes from all around the state where we do business. I believe there's 41 different recipes in here. Something for everybody."

The book is now available to purchase exclusively at Pick 'n Save and Metro Market stores for $10.

Click here to view the table of contents and click here to see all 41 restaurants with recipes featured inside the cookbook.

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