Doorbell Camera Captures Man Impersonating Police Officer

Authorities in Illinois are trying to track down a young man who has been impersonating a police officer. The suspect has targeted homes in Winfield, Wheaton and unincorporated West Chicago, and introduced himself as an investigator with the Winfield Police Department.

"Hi, sorry to bother you so late," the man says on the doorbell camera of one of the residents. "I'm Jeff Rushmore with the Winfield Police Department. I'm an investigator."

He was wearing a black suit jacket, a white, button-down shirt, and black pants and had a fake police badge attached to his belt. He also had a police scanner, or a police scanner app on his phone.

Wheaton officials say the suspect, who they believe is in his early 20s, asked residents "various police-related questions, but has not made any threats nor has he tried to gain entry to any of the residences."

Frank Panzeca, one of the homeowners who reported the fake police officer to authorities, told WLS that he immediately realized the young man was not a cop.

"His voice was very high pitched, young. Typical, to me, looked like a high school kid. It really did," he said.

While the suspect did not appear to have any interest in breaking into the homes or harming the homeowners, officials are advising residents to remain cautious and call 911 if they see him.

"Please do not open your door for this subject and immediately call 911 if he approaches your home," the DuPage County Sheriff's Office warned.

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