Woman Gets Mom-Shamed For Tickling Her Baby

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When you're a blogger with hundreds of thousands of followers, there will always be someone to criticize even the most innocent things. Audrey Roloff learned that when she posted video of herself and her husband tickling their newborn daughter, Ember.  


Posted by Audrey Roloff on Saturday, December 30, 2017

Most people found the footage adorable - who doesn't love the sound of a baby laughing - but there were others who were enraged by the clips. 

These two are my favorite 😻

Posted by Audrey Roloff on Friday, January 5, 2018

People accused the couple of torturing their child, claiming that tickling babies will make them stutter and hurt their nervous system. 

Thankfully, there were many more people who disagreed with the nay-sayers. 

Tickling or not it seems like Ember is doing just fine. 

Finally posted Ember’s room up on the blog! I just love this little space. It’s what made me fall for our house when I first saw it listed. It’s this tiny little room with a brick fireplace that’s off of the master bedroom. Technically it’s referred to as “the sitting room” on the blueprints for our house, but I instantly thought it was perfect for the nursery, at least for the next year or so. Click the link in my bio to view the blog! aujpoj.com #emberjean pc: @dawn_photo

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