From the minute Lady Antebellum released their new single, “Bartender,” they have been chomping at the bit to give their fans even more new music from their next album. Charles says as far as a release date for the new album, “We are thinking sometime in the fall, hopefully sooner than later. It’s interesting, it’s always a moving target and it’s funny, we were having a conversation with the label the other day and they were actually kind of moving up the date a little bit, seeing what ‘Bartender’ is doing.”

One reason they’re so excited for fans to hear the new music is because Charles says, “I think for us, this is by far the most kind of fun, up-tempo record we’ve ever made. I think we always set out to do that and for some reason we’ve always kind of strayed off into the ballad/mid-tempo world (but) we stuck to it with this album. Out on the road this time, the minute we started writing something we felt like we’d already been there before we said, ‘No. Let’s just put on the brakes, let’s come over here.’”

Charles says there are definitely a few ballads and mid-tempo feeling songs, “but we’re definitely leaning heavy into a fun, in your face record this time.”