Taylor Swift can't go anywhere without being recognized, but just looking like Taylor Swift can also get you noticed as one young lady found out over the weekend.

On Saturday, a picture of Taylor Swift started circulating social media. It showed her walking down the street in Charleston. Twitter, Facebook, and fan blogs started recirculating the picture as fans in the area became determined to track Taylor down.

Unfortunately for fans, the Taylor in the picture wasn't really Taylor at all. Charleston native Gabrielle Hadley dashed dreams when she took to Twitter that evening to let fans know that Taylor wasn't in Charleston and the picture circulating was actually herself out shopping.

The 20-year-old Hadley, who happens to be a singer in a band herself, tweeted: Oh. My. Gosh. You guys, not to be a downer, but that's actually me.

The singer does look remarkably like Swift. When asked if she's often mistaken for the singer, she said: “I’ve been getting it for the past few years of my life.” But Saturday is “the first time I’ve seen it hit social media as hard as it did.”

The Swift look-a-like says that it was strange that everyone was planning on hunting her down thinking she was Swift, but that she hopes that maybe all the attention she got might help her band who will be releasing their first single next month.

See the pic HERE