If you tuned into Sunday night's episode of the cartoon Family Guy on Fox you were probably in for a bit of shock.

After an extra tough Patriots loss, Peter and his buddies decide to head to Nashville to the CMA Awards to try and find Carrie Underwood, who the group is sure can put in a good word for them with God.

When the boys end up in Nashville, they first come upon Taylor Swift and her twin, Taylor Not-So-Swift."

Moving on, Peter and the gang do finally find Carrie and ask her, "In that song 'Jesus Take the Wheel,' was that like the real Jesus or was it just some Mexican guy?" Peter asks the singer.

Cartoon Carrie is a bit annoyed but ends up talking to Jesus who just wants some money to buy a Toby Keith hat. It was kind of bizarre but funny. Neither of the ladies responded to the episode, but it had to be interesting seeing themselves animated.