Brantley Gilbert took a swim in the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville on Monday after his friends called him out for not following through on their Polar Plunge Challenge. Rusty and Seth, two of his friends from back home challenged him and his brother to a polar plunge, where they had to jump into a freezing cold body of water. Brantley's brother completed the challenge and he almost got out of it, but his friends taunted him through videos, basically calling him out for being too chicken to take the challenge. So Brantley did what any guy whose integrity had been challenged would do, he marched down to the frigid river and did a back flip into the water. The high temperature on Monday, when he took the plunge, was in the mid-40's, which would explain his profanity and look of shock when he emerged from the water.

By the way ladies, we thought we'd point out that before he took the challenge, Brantley peeled off his wife beater and jumped in shirtless, if you needed some extra motivation to check out the video.

See the video HERE