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2/24 New Auburn 2-hour delay 
2/24 Abbotsford Closed 
2/24 Augusta Closed 
2/24 Alma Center Closed 
2/24 Baldwin-Woodville  Closed 
2/24 Blair-Taylor Closed All activities cancelled
2/24 Bloomer Closed All activities cancelled
2/24 Boyceville Closed 
2/24 Cadott Closed 
2/24 Chippewa Falls  Closed All activities cancelled
2/24  Chippewa Valley Technical College Closed All classes cancelled
2/24  City of Eau Claire  Alternate Side  Parking  Beginning at 12:01am on  Friday Feb 24th and ending  on Feb 26th
2/24 Cornell Closed 
2/24 Eleva-Strum Closed 
2/24 Elmwood Closed 
2/24 Flambeau Closed 
2/24 Gilman Closed All Activities cancelled
2/24 Gilmanton Closed 
2/24 Glenwood City Closed All activities cancelled
2/24 Ladysmith Closed 
2/24 Lake Holcombe Closed 
2/24 Mondovi Closed 
2/24 McDonell Catholic Schools Closed Early Childhood closing at 3p (updated 9:48a)
2/24 Osseo Fairchild Closed All activities cancelled
2/24 Owen-Withee Closed 
2/24 Plum City Closed 
2/24 Spring Valley Closed 
2/24 Stanley-Boyd Closed 
2/24  Thorp  Closed