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Ol' Dillo is back home.  The Capitol Theater's Tom Bailey tells New York's "Journal News" someone - not the suspected thief -  returned the stuffed armadillo that had been taken after Willie Nelson's concert at the venue on September 19th. 

Bailey explains that late Friday morning a person hand-delivered a sealed box to the theater's box office, and Ol' Dillo was inside.  Bailey adds that Ol' Dillo has returned to Nelson, and the singer doesn't plan on filing charges.  Nelson later confirmed the recovery on Facebook. 

The country legend expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped in the search, and praised the Capitol Theater "for having an amazing staff and hunting down clues."  Willie added that the "lesson of the week" is "only cowards steal from another person, don't be a coward!" 

Nelson's publicist Elaine Schock says Ol' Dillo has the singer's stage mascot for the past few years.  The taxidermied critter sits on a mixing console during the shows, and the theater's security cameras caught the 'dillo-napper in the act. 

The Port Chester, New York police were investigating the incident, and the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain had offered a one-thousand-dollar reward for information on Ol' Dillo's disappearance.